Your Investment

In return for the franchise fee Crema Espresso provides certain services.

These include:

  • Initial screening and selection of the franchisee.
  • Site analysis, selection, negotiation and acquisition assistance.
  • The very valuable Crema Espresso trade mark and trading name.
  • Access to the management and product systems developed by Crema Espresso.
  • The 4 week Crema Espresso training program.
  • Store design.
  • Access to Crema Espresso unique coffee bean blend.
  • Planning, construction and management of the total store fit-out.
  • Assistance with initial staff requirements and recruitment.
  • Assistance with opening promotion planning.

The franchise fee also gives the franchisee an exclusive trading territory.

Weekly Licence Fees

A licence fee of 7% of sales is remitted weekly, with a 2% national advertising levy.

The weekly licence fee is the income which enables Crema Espresso to continually provide the ongoing benefits to franchisees participating in the chain.