The great taste of Crema Espresso coffee comes from our premium beans sourced from Colombia and Brazil to create our exclusive blend.

The Crema Espresso blend, sourced from South America, is uniquely crafted blend.  The freshness of the blend is retained due to our unique approach of 'grinding on demand'.

Every single cup is freshly ground just moments before it's filtered and turned into a great tasting espresso.

Our blends are:

Crema Signature

Our signature coffee is a wonderfully vibrant blend of Latin American beans and used throughout our stores daily.

Take a sip; you will notice the bright flavour is tempered with a mild taste and medium body, ending with a clean finish. With its balanced character and wide appeal, Crema’s Signature Blend is a coffee you can drink all day long.

Italian Via Del Corso

100% Arabica - Smooth & fruity

A blend of Colombian, Costa Rican, Brazilian and Guatemalan.

Connoisseurs of dark roast love our Italian Via Del Corso for its sturdy assertive flavour. We take hearty Latin American beans and roast them dark to the point where they find an incredible balance of sweet flavour and smoky aroma.

Espresso Premium

A blend of Colombian, PNG and Ethiopian.

100% Arabica - Bold, floral, big finish

As its name suggests, Espresso Premium was designed for your espresso beverages. It has a dense, caramel – like – sweetness with a soft acidity that’s delectable. Espresso Premium’s spicy aroma will permeate through your kitchen and senses.

An intense and balanced blend of Latin American and Indonesian beans.

Decaf Optimum

100% Arabica - chemical free process

Decaf Optimum is exactly that, the caffeine in the bean is removed using the unique “Swiss Filter process”. Our green beans are then roasted to deliver the optimum flavour and taste, resulting in a mild yet full bodied blend.